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Sunday Morning Coming Up or Warm Heart Pastry

He doesn't have a song stuck in his head, just the subject matter of the song—people who come to to your house and spill stuff ... He can think of two other songs that deal with this issue. Warm Heart Pastry and then there's that Liz Phair song ...

Dream Genres – That Cloud Has Sailed

The selected tweets of Dave Nold.

Quiet, I’m trying to blog here.

The oldest member of the new breed

Please, my friends call me Dave.

Just click and create.

This American Life on Mars.

Use your small print voice.

Two working titles for movies: “When Logos Collide” and/or “Where Bald Men Sit”.

Someone is playing “Discreet Music” really loud.

Among the things I wish I said in 1983: “MTV is an invention without a future”

I asked Bobby Dylan. I asked the Beatles. I asked Neil Sedaka, but he couldn’t tell me either. read more